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I will help you to develop your business successfully in the German market.
Get clarity on the German luxury and fashion market!

I provide 60 to 90 minute telephone or video guidance sessions in the field of Luxury or the Fashion Industry!

BONUS with the purchase of any consultation: A FREE 30 minute follow-up call within
6 months of the initial conversation!

Potsdamer Platz
Potsdamer Platz

Are you a market analyst?

Do you need information to deliver a fine, rigorous and detailed fashion analysis in record time for a demanding client?

I will help you to carry out your analysis on the German market in providing you the key elements you need to deliver a precise and percussive survey for your client:

-professional expertise and knowledge on a various range of products as well as clarification on supply and demand of these,

-brands peculiarities and positioning, ideal distribution channels for your client’s products, overall needs and gaps of the German luxury and fashion market…

-department store insider view: functioning of a department store, ideal distribution within the department store, best possible place for shops and boutiques…

Are you trying to export your products to Germany?

You unfortunately face the typical German pitfalls?

I’ll help you to:

-find the best way to sell your products successfully (product positioning, strategy, distribution channels, overall needs and gaps of the German market…)

-understand the German mentality. I will inform you about “no goes” and “must haves” of this great and demanding European market.

-understand the way buyers decide to buy or not. I guide you on the German market and its particularities for you to master its specific characteristics.

-develop and perfect your products in order to make them successfully “Germany exportable”.

Are you ready for success in Germany?
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